MK Strock on Homesh: Correct the Sin of Disengagement

In a recent radio interview, Member of Knesset Orit Strock expresses the fear that the Israeli Supreme Court will give the order to demolish the Homesh yeshiva during the interim period before the elections. In the attempt to prevent that, she sent a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut demanding that she refrain from issuing an eviction order for Homesh while Israel is being led by a caretaker government only. The letter was also signed by dozens of MKs, including four faction leaders.

Strock discusses her intention to continue to promote the bill that would cancel the Disengagement Law (2005) that ordered the evacuation of four Jewish communities in Area C in the Jenin region of northern Samaria at the same time as all Jewish communities were removed from Gaza. The bill was in process already under the last Netanyahu government and passed the preliminary reading with a large majority, with 70 MKs in favor. According to Strock, “the law got stuck only because a horrible government was set up with Ra’am and the left wing. We intend to promote it again after the elections.”

No decision on Homesh should be made while Israel’s is under an interim government. It’s leaders like MK Strock that give us hope that the right decision will be made.

MK Strock: Hope for Homesh after 17 years of repeated demolitions, by Michelle Eytan/Israel National News, August 15, 2022



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