No Alternative: Khan al-Ahmar Must End

On Monday morning, the High Court of Justice heard arguments in yet another round of Regavim’s petition demanding the implementation of demolition orders issued by the state in 2009 to evacuate an illegal outpost on Route 1, in an area under full Israeli jurisdiction.

At the hearing, the state’s representative claimed that the state has no objection to the implementation of the orders but demands that it be given full discretion as to the timing and way in which they are to be implemented, due to the political and security considerations involved.

Attorney Avi Segal, representing Regavim in this petition, explained: “Although in principle it is true that the court should not interfere in political issues, in the event that the state refuses to enforce the law for 15 years and under the auspices of this situation the Palestinian Authority and the residents of the compound continue to take over territory, there is no alternative: the High Court of Justice must put an end to this saga and allocate a reasonable timetable for the state to enforce the law.”

Following Stormy Debate, High Court Again Postpones Its Khan Al Ahmar Ruling, by David Israel/Jewish Press, May 1, 2023




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