To say the news is filled with absurdities is an understatement. Consider the following:
  • How absurd is it that the Center for Jewish History hires a CEO who supports anti-Israel organizations and rewrites Jewish history?
  • How absurd is it that the terrorist entity known as the Palestinian Authority was voted into Interpol, an international police organization whose mission is to fight terrorism and crime?
  • How absurd is it that a US “peace delegation” arrived in Israel just as three Israelis were murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists, and the head of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas, applauds their heinous act?
  • How absurd is it that the UN Human Rights Council, whose membership consists of fascistic, terrorist states, holds court on a regular basis solely to bash and malign Israel?
We review these absurdities below.

Last Night’s Rally Against David Myers at CJH Was Only the Beginning!

Yesterday, AFSI, JCCWatch.org and a host of others rallied in front of the Center for Jewish History (CJH) on 16th Street, NYC, calling for the firing of its recently-installed President and CEO, David Myers.
We engaged many in fruitful dialogue, explaining why we were there, and handed out hundreds of copies of our Fact Sheet, recreated below. Passersby included those entering the facility for an event, CJH administrative staff, nearby NYU students and individuals out for an evening stroll.
This was the first in a series of planned demonstrations to oust Myers, whose support for anti-Israel organizations supporting a boycott of Israel, makes him unfit to head such a distinguished organization as CJH.


David Myers is the new President and CEO of the Center for Jewish History (CJH).
  1. Myers believes that Israel is an “OCCUPIER”, denying Israel’s biblical, historic, and legal entitlement to the Land of Israel.
  2. Myers is on the board, or a strong supporter of Israel’s enemies: Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), J Street, IfNotNow, New Israel Fund (NIF), BDS, Academic Advisory Council of Scholars for Israel and Palestine, Open Hillel
  3. Myers is mired in anti-Israel bias. He seeks “justice for Palestinians  as a political and moral imperative of the highest order.”
  4. Myers is guilty of re-writing history:He sees the Israeli victory of 1948 which led to the creation of the State of Israel as the “wound of the Naqba” – Arab disaster!He propagandizes that “the root cause of BDS is the “occupation” and “West Bank settlements.”

    He excuses rampant Arab terrorism and textbooks exhorting Arab youth to seek Israel’s annihilation as “frustration driven.”

    Instead of celebrating Israel’s victories in 1967 as the restoration and liberation and reunification of Israel, he labels Israel the evil “conqueror”.

    Myers declares that SCR 242 “requires an end to the “occupation.”

 As a UCLA professor, Myers was preaching the “inevitable demise of Israel” and the removal of Israel as central to Jewish identity. He espoused anti-Israel rhetoric at every opportunity.

All those who are properly incensed by this betrayal of Jewish interests are invited to participate! Bring flags and signs. Most importantly, alert your family, friends, and neighbors.
Questions may be directed to Helen or Judy at AFSI: tel:212-828-2424judy@afsi.org
Here are a few pictures from last night’s rally:

Absurdity: Interpol votes to admit “Palestine” as a member state!

Putting it mildly, it doesn’t get more absurd than this:
As reported in the Times of Israel, Interpol voted Wednesday to include Palestine as a member state, in a new boost to Palestinian efforts for international recognition and influence amid long-stalled negotiations with Israel for full statehood.
And: A top US lawmaker said that Washington won’t honor Palestinian warrants issued through Interpol.
In a comprehensive review, Aaron Klein lays out Six Reasons Interpol’s Decision to Admit ‘Palestine’ Is Dangerous. These are:
  1. The terror-tied Palestinian Authority police will gain access to Interpol information about criminal activities.
  2. Hamas police may soon be part of the Palestinian Authority government that just joined Interpol.
  3. The PA can use Interpol to issue arrest warrants for Israeli officials.
  4. In recognizing a nonexistent state, Interpol legitimized the fake Palestinian narrative of “Palestine.”
  5. At least as far as the international policing agency is concerned, Interpol seemingly granted the Palestinians de facto sovereignty over Jerusalem and the West Bank.
  6. Interpol’s actions serve as a diplomatic assault on the Jewish state and will further Palestinian intransigence regarding negotiations with Israel.
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has been a consistent staunch supporter of Israel, released the following statement condemning the Interpol General Assembly for accepting the Palestinian Authority as a member:
“The Interpol General Assembly’s decision is shameful and wrong. The Palestinians have been seeking membership and recognition in international bodies despite the reality there is no Palestinian state. This bid for membership is part of an effort to further the PA’s diplomatic and legal warfare campaign to delegitimize Israel in international forums, and I am concerned that the PA will now try to take advantage of its membership by seeking illegitimate and unjustified Interpol actions against Israeli citizens.
Senator Cruz’ full statement can be read here:
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