Pay for Slay Enabler: The Red Cross

Since October 7, the International Red Cross has been helping imprisoned Arab terrorists receive controversial terror stipends from the Palestinian Authority, a watchdog organization accuses.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, incarcerated Arab terrorists fill out forms to receive the “pay for slay” stipends and the Red Cross delivers the paperwork to Ramallah.

“The role of the International Red Cross in this process is central,” PMW director Itamar Marcus explained to the Tazpit Press Service. “The international health organization is involved in this because as they visit prisoners, they’re able to bring in forms. Israeli security is not looking at the forms or preventing the terrorist prisoner access to the forms they need to sign.”

Is the Red Cross aware that they are enabling the pay for slay process? That Israeli security is not checking the forms to begin with is deeply troubling. We would like to see this report bring about change with the Red Cross’s enabling of pay for slay.


Red Cross Under Fire For Facilitating PA’s Pay for Slay Terror Payouts, by Sveta Listratov/Jewish Press via TPS, December 21, 2023

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