President Trump – Don’t Be Fooled By Abbas

Palestinian Arabs throwing shoes at picture of President Trump

Mahmoud Abbas appeared to be aglow with new energy after his meeting with President Trump at the White House yesterday. After all, he seemingly received the “seal of approval” from the president, who spoke favorably about Israel and the “Palestinians” renewing negotiations. Of course, we do not know what was discussed during their private conversations.

As much as President Trump would like to conclude the “deal of the century” between Israel and the “Palestinians”, he understands the hurdles faced. The Palestinian Arabs have been offered a state of their own at least five times since 1947, and have rejected every offer made to them. Over the years, they have not given up their ultimate goal: not a state of their own next to Israel, but a state in place of Israel.

The demands the  “Palestinians”, including Abbas, have placed on Israel have always been nonstarters for Israel, and thus it is hard to imagine Donald Trump taking Abbas seriously after listening to him during yesterday’s press conference. During the conference, Abbas repeated the same old tired phrases that he, his predecessor and cohorts have been stating for decades.

Has Abbas agreed to the following?

Renounce violence and incitement to violence? No.

End payments to terrorists in Israeli jails? No.

Give up the demand to swamp Israel with Arab refugees? No.

Agree that Israel is the Jewish homeland? No.

Agree that Israel is entitled to secure boundaries not based on the 1948 armistice lines? No.

Agree that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? No.

In sum, there are more noes here than than those issued by the Arab countries meeting in Khartoum after the 1967 war!

Mahmoud Abbas is someone who has denied the Holocaust; refuses to rein in incitement rife throughout Palestinian governmental, educational and cultural institutions, and the media; demands an Israeli retreat to the 1948 armistice lines, and demands eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a fantasy Palestinian state. To paraphrase Benjamin Netanyahu, “it ain’t gonna happen.”

The following two short videos are stark reminders of who Israel’s “partners for peace” really are, and why, at the present time, peace is simply an unrealistic goal.

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