Read About the Fires…That AFSI Helped Halt

On AFSI’s April mission trip we visited the wheat fields of Yitzhar with Ayelet and Akiva HaCohen whose drive and determination have created a very successful flour mill. Neighboring Arabs are constantly planning to burn down the fields. AFSI agreed to help with building a fire wall. Helen Freedman recently corresponded with Ayelet and Akiva to see if they were safe from the fires.

Today we had another fire that the Arabs torched, this time closer to our house, but we weren’t worried because we knew the fire wall path that we paved with your contribution would stop it and that is exactly what happened!  

Below are a few pictures of the fire stopping as it approaches the path and the security car on the path making sure it doesn’t pass it.”

Ayelet and Akiva HaCohen

Read about the squad of US firefighters who are volunteering (and not all are Jewish) to protect Israel’s south from the Hamas kite terror attacks HERE. Thank you!

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