Terror Tunnels Extend Further Than Gaza

A video posted by an IDF soldier on Wednesday revealed a tunnel shaft in one of the villages in the Mount Hebron area. The soldier says he found the shaft during a patrol his unit conducted after receiving complaints from area Jewish residents who had been hearing noises of underground digging. The video shows a 5-meter-deep shaft that connects to a short tunnel that does not appear to be connected to other tunnels or has another shaft.

Now revealed to the world are the facts, photos and videos of the hundreds of terror tunnels in Gaza thankfully being destroyed by the IDF. To learn that there is but one tunnel reported so far that extends into a Jewish owned town is deeply disturbing. We pray no further terror tunnels are found in areas inhabited by Jewish communities and that any that are found are destroyed.

Soldier Discovers Tunnel Shaft in Mt. Hebron Area, a Reminder the PA Is Riddled with Tunnels and Shafts, by David Israel/Jewish Press, January 3, 2024


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