Terror Wave Strikes in the New Year

Three separate terror attacks were reported across Israel Monday morning, hours after the end of the Rosh Hashana holiday. The first incident, a stabbing attack, was foiled in Jerusalem Monday morning.

Hours later Monday morning, Palestinian terrorists operating in the town of Dayr Sharaf in Samaria opened fire on an IDF post.

In the afternoon, a third attack was reported just outside of Kibbutz Meirav, near the Green Line separating Samaria and the Galilee.

On Friday Israeli security personnel foiled a terrorist bombing attack in Tel Aviv and apprehended three suspects believed to be responsible for the attempted attack.

While all attackers were neutralized and nobody was hurt, Israel remains on high alert during this holiday season. These latest terror attacks make calendar year 2023 the deadliest year of terrorism since the Second Intifada.

TERROR WAVE: Three shooting, stabbing attacks in one day, by David Rosenberg/World Israel News, September 18, 2023

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