Time to Break This Silence: Open An Investigation NOW

Israeli Zionist activist NGO, the Ad Kan Organization, and senior reserve IDF and Israel Police officers have filed a petition with the High Court of Justice. Their request compels the Attorney General to open an investigation into the Breaking the Silence group and its foreign donors for illegally gathering classified IDF information.

Ad Kan is known for infiltrating Israeli leftist organizations, as well as organizing protests against anti-Israel groups.

The court ordered the Attorney General and Breaking the Silence to respond to the petition within the next two months. The petition was also forwarded to the European Union and foreign embassies – all of which have funded Breaking the Silence.

AFSI applauds Ad Kahn for demanding an investigation be opened into Breaking the Silence. It’s long overdue that they be held accountable for the information they gather and use against Israel. When such information falls into the wrong hands it makes Israel less safe.

Senior IDF Officers Petition High Court to Compel Prosecution of Breaking the Silence by David Israel. Jewish Press – April 2, 2020

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