Troubling News: How Will It Affect Israel’s Security?

The IDF and the ISA were forced to cancel about twenty planned arrests this week due to prison overcrowding. Security officials are warning about the problem in detention facilities and prisons that leads to the cancellation of arrests and thwarting operations.

According to Kan, in light of the growing overcrowding in detention facilities, security bodies are having to conduct assessments regarding the dangerousness of prisoners and release administrative detainees at the end of their detention period out of necessity.

How will this impact the safety and security of Israel and its law-abiding, peaceful citizens? When it comes to terrorists, whatever the level of their dangerousness or threat, they all have only one goal and that is to harm and kill Jews. With the war still raging, it’s a daily expectation that the IDF will find more terrorists in every corner they turn to. That, plus the alarming climate of hostility against Israel and the Jewish people leaves us concerned that it would embolden the “less threatening or dangerous” terrorists they want to release or worse, not arrest to begin with.

Due to prison overcrowding: IDF cancels arrests in Judea and Samaria, by Israel National News, June 23, 2024


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