UNACCEPTABLE – Don’t Divide!

Likud Knesset member Amit Halevi is promoting a plan to divide the Temple Mount between Jews and Muslims.

Under the plan, Muslims will receive the southern Al Aqsa Mosque and its annexes and the Jews will receive the central and northern area, including the Dome of the Rock.

Halevi also seeks to change the access procedures for Jews visiting the Temple Mount, demanding that Jews be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount through all the other gates, just like Muslims. At present, Jews and tourists are only allowed to go up the mountain through the Mughrabi Gate and only during the few hours when the gate is open.

When following its original purpose, the Temple Mount should be open to all humanity that wishes to pray there in peace and harmony. Under no circumstances should this holy site be divided to satisfy the enemies of Israel, which, by the way, dividing the Temple Mount won’t satisfy them anyway.

Likud MK Amit Halevi Proposes Plan to Divide Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, by Hana Levi Julian/Jewish Press, June 7, 2023



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