We Can’t Sleep Soundly

The ISA (Shin Bet) opposes the early release of a Jewish resident of the center of the country for good behavior, after he was convicted of attacking an Arab during Operation Guardian of the Walls, according to a document submitted by the organization on Tuesday to the Prison Service Parole Committee.

Attorney Adi Keidar from Honenu, which represents the prisoner, said: “In such sensitive times, the General Security Service was expected to put in efforts and invest resources in protecting the security of the state and not to waste time with a young man who has no criminal record, who rioted during Operation Guardian of the Walls and received a relatively light sentence, and he has only several months left until his release.

This boggles the mind and that’s an understatement. How can anyone be confident that Israel is protecting its citizens in the best way possible when terrorists were just released earlier this week and Jews with dramatically lesser criminal charges remain in jail?

Overcrowded prisons? Shin Bet against the early release of a Jew who attacked an Arab, by Israel National News, July 2, 2024

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