Whither the American Jewish Community?

Isi Leibler has a very important article in the Jerusalem Post about the troubling state of anti-Semitism and American Jewry today:
Historically, much or most anti-Semitism in the U.S. has been attributed to the radical Right. While there has always been anti-Semitism from the Left, it has been minimized or even ignored by Jewish institutional leaders. However, as Leibler (correctly) posits, there is no question that Leftist anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity are far greater threats than from the Right.
Here are a few quotes:
“The threats from the radical Right must not be tolerated. Yet despite the massive exposure they received, these fascist and racist groups represent a minute segment of society and their influence is marginal when compared to the leftist anti-Semites. The latter, who are vastly understated, promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and have transformed campuses into anti-Israel and anti-Semitic platforms.
Moreover, there are Jewish community leaders who have allied themselves with far-left campaigns headed by vicious anti-Israel elements, arguing that anti-Israel agitators should not be excluded as partners in broader campaigns for social justice. There are also calls for BDS proponents and anti-Israel Jewish groups to be included in the “big tent.”
The Jewish community must take stock or it will lose all influence on government. The Trump administration appears divided over Israel, with the State Department resurrecting the Obama approach of appeasing the Arabs and applying moral equivalence to Israelis defending themselves and Palestinians engaging in incitement and terrorism. The Jewish leadership could have a positive influence in this area if it displayed political neutrality.
Currently Israel enjoys more support from Christian Evangelicals than from American Jews.
American Jewish leaders should wake up now before it is too late and their once influential community becomes marginalized.
Wise words.
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