With Two Key Points Done, Will Judicial Reforms Speed Up?

Negotiating teams from the Opposition and Coalition have made significant progress towards a deal on judicial reform.

Both sides have reached an accord over two key issues: the future use by courts of the reasonableness standard, and the status of ministerial legal advisors. Resolution of these two points has allowed negotiators to focus entirely on the most contentious issues, including the makeup of the judicial appointments committee, and the proposed judicial override.

MK Simcha Rothman remains “pessimistic regarding the chances of reaching an agreement,” stating “the Opposition has become enamored with protests, at the expense of the country.”

We are grateful two key issues are out of the way and pray that the rest of the judicial reform process can move forward in a productive manner satisfactory to both sides.

Report: Judicial reform talks nearing compromise deal, by Israel National News, May 17, 2023


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