Ad Kan Report Exposes “Breaking the Silence’s Lies”

The ‘Ad Kan’ Organization published a comprehensive report last week exposing what they defined as “lies” spread by the Breaking the Silence operation after Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Breaking the Silence’s campaign, which attracted international attention, was based on a collection of 111 anonymous testimonies. As a result of these testimonies IDF officers and soldiers were investigated for possible war crimes.

Ad Kan’s report focuses on several incidents publicized by Breaking the Silence and emphasizes the incredulity of the alleged incidents. Moreover, the publication of these incidents demonstrates Breaking the Silence’s failure to carry out any fact-checking of the testimonies. Among the issues identified by Ad Kan include testimonies that contradict one another, cases where the witnesses later admitted under police interrogation that they weren’t even present at the alleged incidents, and accusations that Breaking the Silence systematically altered testimonies in order to reach their desired conclusions.

The ‘Ad Kan’ Organization stated, “We hope that instead of mistakenly entrusting Breaking the Silence, soldiers will report any incidents to the proper authorities within the IDF so that they can be investigated, and the truth can be uncovered. Breaking the Silence took advantage of the naivete of soldiers in order to carry out an international campaign to besmirch Israel. While the damage has been done, we expect Breaking the Silence to remove the false testimonies from their publications and hope that the Courts will rule in favor of the soldiers who were harmed and well-known in by Breaking the Silence’s lies”.

As revealed in our article below, and well known in the Pro-Israel community, Breaking the Silence is one of the NGOs being funded by private grants, from Europe and elsewhere.

Ad Kan report exposes “Breaking the Silence’s lies”, by Arutz Sheva Staff. Arutz Sheva, March 9, 2021

Breaking the Silence (Shovrim Shtika), by NGO Monitor. August 19, 2020

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