The Flames That Fuel Anti-Israel Activity

According to an NGO Monitor report issued on Monday, between 2017 and 2019, 35 anti-Israel NGOs received a total of NIS 319,466,917 ($95.7 million) in donations. It states that 58% ($55.5 million) came from foreign governments through direct and indirect funding, and 42% ($40.1 million) from private donors.

Given the central role played by politicized NGOs in the public human rights discourse, transparency in NGO funding is required in order to support an informed debate. The group’s analysis presents all grants reported by the 35 Israeli NGOs receiving foreign government funding and involved in political advocacy, according to their annual financial reports for 2017-2019, which are the latest available. The data are listed according to the amount of the grant, the identity of the donor, and the source of the grant (private, governmental, or non-transparent / unclear).

The old adage, “follow the money,” certainly – disturbingly – rings true in this case. It’s mind boggling to see how much money the detractors of Israel are willing to spend in order to fuel their active campaigns to delegitimize the State of Israel.

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Analysis of NIS 320 million in grants to Israeli NGOs, annual reports 2017-2019, by NGO Monitor. March 8, 2021

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