AFSI’s Historic May, 2017 Chizuk Mission Begins!

View of beautiful Haifa and Haifa Bay, from the Dan Panorama Hotel

After gathering at Ben Gurion Airport, members of the Chizuk Mission began their historic trip by traveling to Haifa to visit the company Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. at Matam Park. They were met by Yaky Yanay, Co-CEO & President of the firm, who explained the company’s extraordinary biotechnology achievements.

Pluristem is a clinical-stage biotherapy company that uses placental cells and a unique, proprietary, three-dimensional (3D) technology platform to develop cell therapies for the treatment of conditions such as inflammation, ischemia, hematological disorders, or exposure to radiation. Their technology is cutting edge, and their mission is literally, to heal people worldwide.

Yaky treated the group to a fascinating look into the biotechnology field. One of the most interesting parts of his lecture involved dealing with population aging worldwide, which many believe will cause monetary bankruptcy, moral bankruptcy or a call for new technology. Companies like Pluristem are opting for the last prediction.

The group at Pluristem

l-r: AFSI Board Member Charlie Bernhaut; AFSI Co-Exec Director Judy Kadish; Pluristem Co-CEO & President, Yaky Yanay; AFSI Co-Exec Director, Helen Freedman

March with AFSI in the Celebrate Israel Parade!

June 4, 2017

Tell Congress to Pass the Taylor Force Act

An extremely important piece of legislation is working its way through the House of Representatives –HELP DECIDE ITS FATE.

The Taylor Force Act will stop tax dollars from funding terrorism. Last year, Taylor Force, a West Point graduate and former US Army officer, was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist while he was visiting Israel. The terrorist’s family then became eligible for regular payments from the Palestinian Authority’s ‘Martyr’s Fund.’ One year earlier, in 2015, the United States gave $272 million in taxpayer funds to the Palestinian Authority.

Tell your member of Congress to stand up and stop your tax dollars from funding terror.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call the US Capitol switchboard toll free at 844-801-9984, select “2” to choose to speak with your Member of Congress, and then enter your zip code.
  1. Tell your Representative: My name is ________, and I’m a constituent of yours. I live in (hometown). I want you to stop my tax dollars from funding Palestinian terror by supporting H.R. 1164, the Taylor Force Act. Palestinian terrorists are rewarded with special financial gifts from their government, and the United States sends millions of tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority every year. Please support this critical bill by becoming a co-sponsor. Thank you.

Grassroots support can help this bill become law.

Please call your Representative at 844-801-9984 and urge him or her to support the Taylor Force Act.

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