Airbnb Discriminatory Practice Ends

Earlier this week, Airbnb reversed its November decision to ban the listing of nearly 200 Jewish-owned properties in Judea and Samaria. This about-face follows on the heels of Airbnb settling numerous lawsuits filed against it in the United States and Israel as well as being faced with no less than 1,000 requests for arbitration over discriminatory practices filed on behalf of AirBnb users.

Yifa Segal, CEO of The International Legal Forum (and a good friend who has traveled with AFSI) said, “The Airbnb case sets a very important precedent and is of strategic importance. It is undoubtedly a serious blow to the boycott movement. There is no doubt that other economic companies will seriously examine the development in this case.” “In addition”, Segal added, “We should all be very proud of ourselves. This case proves that there is great importance to the cooperative and concerted work of various bodies around the world, and that therein lies the power to expose the truth and correct injustices.” We applaud every lawyer, organization and activist that were involved in this battle!

We applaud the International Legal Forum, Shurat HaDin, the Zionist Advocacy Center and the many private attorneys who have now set a precedent that is sure to guide other companies when dealing with Israel.

Airbnb’s initial decision was discriminatory and fueled anti-Semitic flames for the BDS movement and foes of Israel while it attempted to delegitimize Israel in the process.

AFSI welcomes this important reversal. We hope Airbnb and others have learned – and continue to learn – important truths about Israel; its honor and its strength!

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