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Israeli Police Station, Placed to Prevent PA Plundering, Removed From Temple Mount

An Israeli police station that was recently opened on the Temple Mount has been removed. One reason for it being there was that during the month of Ramadan, when NO JEWS ARE ALLOWED ON THE MOUNT, the Arabs plundered archaeological treasures. The station was placed there to stop the thievery and destruction. For some reason, once PM Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah, the station was removed. This is a disgrace. The Jordanian Waqf sources claim that the removal was to “give the Jordanian government a free hand in monitoring and regulating the behavior of non-Muslim visitors to the Mount.” That means even more restrictions on Jews on the Temple Mount.

Israeli Police stated: “Despite the claims by the Waqf, there has been no change to the policy of Israel Police regarding its role in law enforcement and keeping the peace. The claims are false and are the responsibility of those who made them.”

Story HERE.

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Keeping Israel Safe Means Responsibility to Jewish Citizens! Demolition of Jewish Homes is a Desecration of Jewish Values!

It was only last week on June 12 that Netanyahu demolished the Netiv Ha’avot Jewish community – all over a few inches of land. Pressure from AFSI and its supporters in America, along with Jews throughout the world, failed to prevent the destruction of Jewish homes. When did PA homes become more important to the Jewish state than the homes of their own people and citizens? This is SHAME & HUMILIATION!!

On June 17, another Jewish community, TAPUACH MAARAV, built in memory of Binyamin and Tali Kahane, who had been brutally murdered in a drive-by terror attack, was also destroyed. These are intolerable actions which PM Netanyahu MUST STOP.

AT THE SAME TIME THAT JEWISH HOMES ARE BEING DESTROYED, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed the evacuation and demolition of five illegal “Palestinian” buildings in southern Hebron, in Sussya, following international pressure.

The JNS story speculates that the demolition may have been postponed in anticipation of the arrival this weekend of President Trump’s envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner.

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Will Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty in the Golan Heights Be Trump’s Next Move?

AFSI maintains that questions surrounding the “recognition” of Israel’s’ sovereignty over the Golan Heights is wasted conversation because the Golan Heights exists as a strategic territory which has been held by the Jewish state for over 50 years. That is the REALITY!!

The real “recognition” needed is by nations of the world to accept the FACT that the Golan Heights will remain under Israel’s control whether “recognized” or not.

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Israel Retaliating Against Kite Flyers

Early this afternoon, an IDF aircraft targeted infrastructure belonging to Hamas along the southern Gaza Strip after a group of terrorists launched arson balloons into Israeli territory.

On Sunday, the Israel Air Force targeted three cells launching incendiary balloons across the Gaza Strip, only hours after it struck the vehicle of one of the leaders responsible for sending incendiary kites and balloons from the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF stated.

The IDF was showing tremendous restraint in not targeting this evil, we are grateful that they have finally retaliated. AFSI maintains its position that the fire terrorism is as dangerous as any other form of terrorism and must be stopped. This battle must be won!

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AFSI Was There – With Women in Green – Holding Onto the Land That Would Become the New Home for the Displaced Jews of Netiv HaAvot

It was the Fall of 2011 and Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI was in Israel with its Chizuk Mission, preparing to go to Hebron for Shabbat Chaye Sarah. We had previously arranged with Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover of Women in Green (WIG) to meet them in Netzer, a contested area between Alon Shvut and Elazar, in order to plant trees so as to preserve the area for Jewish life. The day was rainy, but that didn’t deter us. We met Nadia and Yehudit as planned and began the planting. The confrontation with the Arabs was NOT planned, as the below video shows. But AFSI and WIG persevered.

It is because of the ongoing efforts of Nadia and Yehudit, and AFSI when the opportunity was there, that Netzer was saved and will now become the site of the new homes for the displaced Jews of Netiv HaAvot, who just experienced the irrational, unjustified, despicable demolition of their Jewish homes by the Jewish government in the Jewish homeland.

May this be the last such desecration of Jewish life in Israel.

Read more on this story here.

Rainy confrontation in Netzer:
Arabs attack AFSI and Women in Green members planting trees (Winter 2011)


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Americans for a Safe Israel in DC, Sharing Information with Congressional Leaders

Helen Freedman and Judy Freedman Kadish, AFSI’s Co-Executive Directors, traveled down to Washington DC on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 for two days of meets and greets with pro-Israel Members of Congress and their supporters.

A gala dinner on Tuesday night, sponsored by EMET, featured founder and leader Sarah Stern, along with a host of honorees. Mark Levin, famed radio and now TV personality, led off the list. He said his first trip to the Holy land, just last year, “actually changed his life”. And he was happy to be present at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. He was effusive in his praise of Trump’s policies regarding Israel, and labeled the media “disgusting, with blood on its hands,” especially with its coverage of the recent events in Gaza.

The other honorees echoed his sentiments, and it was a welcome experience to be with 400 people, all applauding our President. Senator Tom Scott of South Carolina emphasized the importance of Israel to the US, not only for its technological contributions but as the only democracy in the Middle East. The Senator is a sponsor of the much needed Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

Starting early Wednesday morning, AFSI’s Co-Executive directors, Helen and Judy, spent the day in discussions on Capitol Hill. The meetings were at the offices of great friends of Israel who sponsor and sign onto legislation that benefits Israel in many ways: Congressmen Ron DeSantis, Lee Zeldin, Pete Roskam, Duncan Hunter and Doug Lamborn. We discussed the travesty of the UNWRA situation and the 3D education the Arab children are receiving, focusing on the demonization, delegitimization, and destruction of Israel. We spoke about the tragedy of the destruction of Netiv HaAvot, that very day, and the fact that Sovereignty would make such actions obsolete. The absurdity of discussing a two-state solution with the PA, an entity dedicated to Israel’s destruction, was also agreed upon. The Taylor Force Act, as well as support for the U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 (House: HR 5141, Senate: S.2497) were also discussed.

The healthy exchange of ideas and information made it clear that AFSI has much to offer in terms of our “facts on the ground” information. We intend to intensify our efforts to convey the benefits of our experiences in Israel to these offices and others on a more regular basis.


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United States and North Korea Off to a Good Start

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the historic summit between President Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un concluded by signing a joint statement, in which the United States committed to providing guarantees of security to North Korea in exchange for denuclearization.

Trump said he was suspending military exercises on the Korean Peninsula and that he expected the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to move “very quickly” to dismantle his nuclear arsenal after. Trump said economic sanctions against North Korea would remain in place.

Mr. Kim stated, “We had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind. The world will see a major change.”

While there are still serious human rights issues that future conversations must include, the overall agenda remains complicated and sensitive – one whose outcome holds great importance for America, Israel, and the world. AFSI is hoping for continued positive and productive meetings between the two leaders.

Full Trump-Kim Summit Statement HERE.

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DARK STAIN ON ISRAELI JUSTICE SYSTEM Netiv Ha’Avot Evacuated – “We’re Talking About Inches”

Fifteen families in the Jewish community of Netiv Ha’Avot have been removed from their homes. All because of a 15 meter housing infraction.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said this is “…a completely unnecessary evacuation, stemming from a serious mistake: It began with a mistaken state response that was given a few years ago – that we fixed fundamentally. …this is where it ends. In the last three years, we’ve changed the discourse: Instead of asking ‘when to evacuate’, today we ask how to regulate.”

AFSI officially decries this evil and senseless decree once again watching the destruction Jewish homes based on unproven, undocumented Arab claims. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, must override the Israeli Supreme Court on all issues that call for the destruction of Jewish land and homes.

Arutz Sheva report HERE.


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Report Card for Area C: Regavim Exposes the Truth Again

In the past three years, nearly $25 million was contributed by the European Union for the express purpose of facilitating Arab control over Area C.

Yesterday, Regavim presented undisputable data to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in a hearing convened by the Subcommittee on Judea and Samaria.

Said Yishai Hemo, field coordinator for Judea and Samaria at Regavim: “In light of the scope of the P.A.’s activities and the massive funding that enables this program, the Civil Administration must treat agricultural land seizure as a phenomenon of strategic importance, and not merely as a localized violation of law.”

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