Biden the Terrorist Enabler

The Biden administration on Tuesday reapproved a sanctions waiver that will allow Iran to access upward of $10 billion in frozen assets, the State Department confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon.

The sanctions waiver, which was set to expire today after first being authorized for a period of 120 days in July, allows Iraq to transfer payments for multibillion-dollar electricity imports from Iran into accounts outside of the country that can be used by Tehran. This is the first time the Biden administration has renewed the waiver since the Iran-backed terror group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel that was reported to have been planned with Tehran’s support.

The Biden administration insists that, like the $6 billion held in Qatar, Iran can only use the $10 billion for non-sanctioned purposes. The access to these funds allows Iran to free up cash in other places for illicit activities.

We are at a loss for words as to how blatantly evil and downright stupid and dangerous the Biden regime is. It’s obvious that the October 7 massacre in Israel does not register anywhere in their unapologetically anti-Semitic brains that something is gravely wrong with buddying up to Iran. Biden is an absolute disgrace, the minions around him remain clueless, and frankly, all of them are unconcerned about the very real existential threat that Iran poses to the entire world. This gift to Iran undermines Israel and at this most horrific time in Israel’s history, Biden should prove himself to be a friend to the Jewish Nation State. Instead, he’s shown us he is truly an enemy. Any words we’d really like to convey about this disgusting decision and the Biden regime can’t be said in this respectable publication.

Biden Unlocks Fresh Funds to Iran Totaling Billions, by Adam Kredo/The Washington Free Beacon, November 14, 2023

Biden Mulls Approval of Fresh $10 Billion for Iran, by Adam Kredo/The Washington Free Beacon, November 13, 2023

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