IDF Gets to the Heart of Hamas

The IDF entered a specific area of Shifa Hospital early Wednesday morning while seeking to keep its exact goals, timing, and mission classified as the operation is still ongoing, as leaking certain details could endanger IDF forces.

Underneath Shifa Hospital was discovered, as expected, military headquarters for Hamas. This is a very significant development in enabling the IDF to eradicate the terrorist entity. A military source says that concrete evidence has been found of the use of Shifa Hospital as a Hamas headquarters, and in due time much of it will be visible to the public.

The military, always mindful of the safety of innocents, also announced that they successfully delivered crucial medical equipment and supplies, such as incubators for babies and baby food.

On Tuesday the IDF announced that it had captured a number of Hamas governmental sites in the heart of Gaza City as its troops engaged in fierce battles with Hamas gunmen in the city, while continuing to enable humanitarian corridors to allow for civilians to evacuate to the southern part of the Strip.

Five Hamas terrorists killed as IDF battles into Shifa hospital, by Yonah Jeremy Bob/Jerusalem Post, November 15, 2023

IDF proclaims it has captured Hamas parliament, government seat and police HQ, by Emanuel Fabian/Times of Israel, November 14, 2023


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