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A Friend of Israel

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is proving to be a true friend of Israel.

In reaction to Airbnb’s decision late last year to de-list Judea and Samaria, DeSantis has ordered Florida state officials to refrain from using Airbnb while conducting state business.

A moral obligation to oppose the Airbnb policy is DeSantis’s mantra. He said, “BDS is nothing more than a cloak for anti-Semitism, and as long as I’m Governor, BDS will be DOA.”

We like that. More HERE.

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She Must Be Exposed and Confronted

Congressman Rashida Tlaib should be no surprise to anyone as to how virulently anti-semitic and anti-Israel she is. The fact that she was elected by the American people at all is even more disturbing.

Why is the entire Democratic party not confronting this? Not a word of criticism or censure of Tlaib. have you heard of any Democrats distancing themselves from her? Tlaib was not elected to push her personal agenda and spread hate. She must be disciplined for her open anti-semitism and extremist hate filled diatribes against Israel. Read Jonathan Tobin’s New York Post Opinion.

And how are Jewish organizations responding to Tlaib?

Florida’s Hallendale Beach Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub said Tlaib was a “Hamas loving, anti-semite” on her Facebook page. Lima-Taub was criticized by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) for posting “hateful rhetoric” toward Tlaib.

We would like to know how the AJC suggests we refer to Talib’s stance on Israel.

Writer and blogger Daniel Greenfield exposes Tlaib’s political alliance with supporters of terrorists – like the ones who murdered a 4 year-old girl in Israel in 1979.

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Not Here

On the subject of Judea and Samaria…

Aliyah and Integration Minister Yoav Galant visited the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council and made it clear that no PA state will be established in Judea and Samaria.

“We will work to realize sovereignty throughout Judea and Samaria and increase the settlement enterprise. Only settlement is the key to holding onto sovereignty and Zionism. Judea and Samaria are the eastern defense belt of the State of Israel.”

And Not Here Either! A World Israel News (WIN) news report reveals that the World Council of Churches runs BDS programs that brings 1,800 volunteers to Judea and Samaria to “witness life under occupation.” AFSI invites them to join our Chizuk Mission trips to learn about and experience the REAL ISRAEL – shame on them – NO to BDS!

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Timing is Everything

Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed yesterday that Israel was responsible for the strike on Damascus on Friday.

Israel’s strike was aimed at Iranian warehouses and was intentionally timed to target a meeting of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commanders who were meeting with Syrian military leaders.

Source – Israel Hayom

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The Combating BDS Act of 2019, introduced by Senator Marco Rubio, part of a larger Senate bill, affirms the right of states to enact laws that would prevent contracts or investments in companies that boycott Israel.

Congress failed to pass the Act. Senators, including NY’s Schumer, blamed the government shutdown, saying nothing can go forward until that’s resolved. Some Democratic senators are shooting down this bill saying it prevents freedom of speech. Absurd! Support for Israel was once a bi-partisan matter. With Democrats becoming more radicalized, polarization on support for Israel seems to be setting in.

We suggest those against this bill take a refresher course in anti-semitism and read up on the truth about Israel. Anti-semitism has become a bandwagon that the detractors of Israel like to jump on to further their Israel hating agenda. This proposed bill is about combating anti-semitism – not prohibiting free speech.

Despite the bill’s initial setback, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, welcomed this bill. “The US Congress is again at the forefront of the effort to strengthen the US-Israel relationship. This legislation is another tool in the important campaign to stop the BDS movement, which, in the clearest expression of modern anti-semitism, demonizes and singles out the world’s only Jewish state.”

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She Has No Authority – Unacceptable! Intolerable!

Palestinian Media Watch’s latest article “US Congress Now Has a Map in Which “Palestine” Replaces Israel” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik is a red flag for America.

This map, show here in the photo, is in the office of Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). We’ve all heard about her recent profanity laced tirade against President Trump. And we surely know that this map is nothing more than a tool for her to disseminate her unabashed anti-semitism and hatred of Israel.

Tlaib has no authority to determine a topography change. This is not a matter to be dealt with by her Democratic colleagues behind closed doors only. Where are her colleagues who should be issuing a public statement apologizing to the American people and the Jewish community while reprimanding her for this anti-semitism? Where is the United States Congress and its lawyers on this matter?

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Speaking About Syria…

US National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Israel yesterday to discuss the US pullout from Syria.

Not so fast! Bolton assured that the US that the impending US wihdrawal is conditional and that the US will not pull out of Syria until Turkey can guarantee that the Kurds will not be attacked. He also stated that the pullout may only be partial.

We Agree to Agree – A phone call last Friday between PM Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin was positive with both in agreement that increased cooperation between Israel and Russia was needed in light of the US announcement of its withdrawal from Syria. The common goal according to PM Netanyahu’s office: preventing Iran from establishing a presence in Syria (greater than it already has).

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Today’s Q & A

Q. What do you get if you refuse to abandon the path of terrorism?

A. Successful diplomatic effort led by Amb. Danny Danon to block the PA’s request to have its status in the United Nations upgraded from observer state to a fully recognized, voting member state of the UN.

Story HERE.

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No Work Will Be Stopped

Hours after an Israeli High Court rejected their petition, Arabs tried to stop the construction of a security fence around the village of Shaked.

Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, made it clear that the work will continue. “The time has come to stop the Palestinian Authority from taking control of state land in Judea and Samaria, which is part of the PA’s broad plan to take over Area C and establish facts on the ground.”

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