Checkpoints Must Return

Arab rioters overnight last Thursday arrived at the Binyamin crossing road near Ateret and Neve Tsuf and blocked it for more than three hours by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

Binyamin Regional Council Head Israel Ganz
responded on Friday: “A sovereign country and an army cannot allow enemies and rioters to cut off a main road like that. The message sent tonight to the Arabs of the region is dangerous and encourages rioters and terrorists.”

Ganz has been recently crusading to bring back the IDF checkpoints to these areas. “You don’t need to be a great security expert to understand that the current security concept does not match the threats.”

Free and easy movement for the terrorists must come to an end. If the PA cannot prevent terrorists from entering Israel, then it is mandatory to bring back the checkpoints so Israel can do the job, especially now with the increased rate of terror attacks.

With Arab Murders and Riots, Settlers Demand IDF Checkpoints in Judea and Samaria, by David Israel/Jewish Press, June 23, 2023


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