Surprise! Rothman Calls Meeting to Confront Uneven Treatment of Judicial Reform Protestors

Constitution, Law, and Judiciary Committee Chairman MK Simcha Rothman on Monday morning convened a surprise meeting on “the roadblocking policy of the Israel Police and how it has been applied in recent demonstrations.” The meeting was called against the background of the protests and roadblocks throughout the country, mainly concerning the protests against the judicial reform, on the request of the Im Tirtzu and Regavim movements as well as right-wing MKs.

Likud MK Ariel Kallner insisted “there must be one law for all,” and presented photos from right- and left-wing demonstrations that prove different treatment by the Israel Police – water hoses at a right-wing demonstration and letting left-wing demonstrators take over Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv’s major artery, with no police presence at all.

Regavim Attorney Boaz Erzi suggested, “It seems that the policy is being enforced according to the public relations of the given demonstration.”

A police representative did concede that “Ayalon is an essential evacuation route in an emergency.” So, let’s get with the program and stop the double standard of treatment before people get hurt!

Rothman Convenes Emergency Session on Police Selective Dealing with Road Blocks, by David Israel/Jewish Press, June 26, 2023






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