Did It Succeed? Israel’s Intensive Campaign to Stop the Iran Deal

Mossad Director David Barnea was in Washington DC yesterday, where he held meetings with senior officials from the White House, CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, State Department and additional security agencies. Barnea presented Israel’s stance regarding the resurrection of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Barnea’s visit is the latest in the string of top Israeli officials who are fighting to stop the deal. Last week, Israel’s Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, and National Security Advisor, Eyal Hulta, both visited the US. Prime Minister Yair Lapid has reportedly finally held phone conversations with Joe Biden and other world leaders.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid hinted today that Israel may have succeeded in preventing Western powers from reaching a new nuclear deal with Iran in Vienna, while warning Tehran that Israel will continues its zero-tolerance policy vis-à-vis attacks by Iranian proxies, as well as any potential nuclear threat. “It is still too early to know if we have indeed succeeded in stopping the nuclear agreement, but Israel is prepared for every threat and every scenario,” Lapid said.

Israel continues to be the most vocal world power in aggressively carrying out an “intensive campaign” to stop the signing of a dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran. This is an agreement that is potentially lethal to the rest of the world’s democracies. We do wish that more of them would join Israel in attempting to ward off these dangers. But Israel’s relentless pursuit of waking up the world to the dangers of this deal leaves us feeling a bit more secure in believing an agreement with Iran might be stopped

Mossad chief Barnea heads to Washington to try and halt the Iran nuclear deal, Mandi Kogosowski/Israel Defense, September 5, 2022

Lapid warns Iran: We’re ready for every scenario, by World Israel News Staff, September 6, 2022






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