Under Fire: IDF Bus Attacked by Terrorists

Shots were fired at a bus carrying Israeli soldiers on a major highway in the Jordan Valley on Sunday, injuring seven people. The terrorists, a man and his nephew, also tried to set the bus on fire.

The Israel Defense Forces said Palestinian gunmen opened fire at the bus near Hamra. This left one seriously wounded soldier. Another five soldiers and the bus’s civilian driver were hurt. The seriously wounded soldier and the bus driver are listed in moderate condition in Rambam Hospital with gunshot injuries. The hospital said the soldier’s condition had improved. The other five soldiers were lightly hurt by glass fragments.

The IDF is waiting for the Shabak to provide it with the location of the terrorists and the and the hunt is on for a third suspect and possibly more members of the terrorist cell.

The longer Israel appeases the Arabs, the more empowered they will be. Attacks like this against the very defense forces that exist to protect Israel must be stopped!

7 injured as soldiers’ bus comes under fire by Palestinian gunmen in Jordan Valley, by Emanuel Fabian/Times of Israel, September 4, 2022

New details on Jordan Valley bus shooting, by Israel National News, September 5, 2022


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