Free Ride as Anarchy Escalates

Clashes broke out between police and anti-government protesters during a demonstration at Ben Gurion Airport today. The anarchists entered the reception hall for arriving passengers. Police attempted to remove the protestors and four were arrested.

Earlier today, a large group of protesters blocked the entrance of trucks to the Port of Haifa, placed barbed wire curls on the road, and burned tires. Police were deployed in downtown Haifa, but reports say the anarchists were left to do as they please.

Instruction from the anarchy leaders was written to the protesters that “there is no need to demean protest symbols and flags, the police will take care to protect the protesters and allow the democratic demonstration that will help stop the dictatorial and extreme moves of the Israeli government led by Netanyahu.”

“Protect the protestors”??? To what extent are the police letting things slide? Instructions like that sends a clear signal that demonstrators have free reign to do as they please with no consequences. That’s disturbing and the law in this case must be applied evenly to protestors on both sides.

Protestors clash with police at Ben Gurion Airport, 4 arrested, by Israel National News, July 3, 2023

Despite IDF Operation, Anarchists Block Haifa Port, Plan Sabotage at Ben Gurion International, by David Israel/Jewish Press, July 3, 2023



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