Ramat Arbel Established


During the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, the ministers held a discussion on the establishment of the new community of ‘Ramat Arbel’ in the Galilee. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the announcement of the new community makes today a “holiday” for the State of Israel.

Below message from the Nachala Movement:

Exactly one year passed since Nachala movement established Ramat Arbel.

This miracle (25 years passed without any new Jewish settlement in the Galilee, until today), is rightfully attributed to the relentless efforts of Nachala and the pioneers of Ramat Arbel, striving to create a dramatic change in the demographics of Galilee. A lot of money was invested in plans and theoretical strategies by the various Government departments. Only one channel was ignored – the road trodden by pioneers and inspired by the old fashioned Zionistic spirit.

This spirit is the number one asset of Ramat Arbel and it managed to reach the top of the pyramid and received the full support of Netanyahu and the enthusiastic blessing and vote of all Ministers.

We thank God for giving Nachala the ability to adhere to the grains of sand of Ramat Arbel in face of so many hardships. ברוך ה׳ שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה.

We congratulate the Nachala movement for their continuing push to settle all of the land of Israel. AFSI has and will continue to do all that we can to support the amazing work of Nachala!

Netanyahu: New Galilee settlement makes today a holiday for Israel, by Israel National News, July 3, 2023



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