Herzog to Sderot: Without You There Would Be No State of Israel

Israeli President Isaac Herzog this morning visited the town of Sderot and met with many local authority heads including Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi.

President Herzog began his remarks, saying: “I come here on behalf of the people of Israel to say thank you to you, and through you to all our citizens in the Gaza border area and in the town of Sderot. Without this region, there would be no State of Israel. You are the gateway to the State of Israel and you are the wall protecting the State of Israel.”

We know Herzog’s intention with this visit was to give support to the Sderot community after the last few days of relentless rocket attacks they sustained. However, let’s protect the State of Israel in a better way and declare Sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria. The residents of Sderot, resilient and determined as they are to stay in place, have endured being on the front lines of these attacks for far too long. Just because they stay does not mean they get used to being attacked. They should no longer have to serve as a shield that protects Israel. Sovereignty is the shield needed NOW!!

Pres. Herzog to local leaders in southern Israel: ‘Without you, there would be no Israel’, by Israel National News, August 8, 2022





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