IDF Reservist: There is No Bigger Lie

Channel 13 Journalist Roi Yanovsky was discharged after 100 days of reserve duty, from the beginning of the war, and published a situation report on X, on his first-hand experience in the Gaza Strip.

Yanovsky writes, “Gaza is seen as a failing area, the ‘most crowded in the world’ which has been under Israeli ‘siege’ for years. There is no bigger lie than this. Gaza is a modern, beautiful, and developed city – with large and well-equipped houses, wide boulevards, public areas, a promenade on the beachfront, and parks. It looks much better than any other Arab city, from the river to the sea. It is much more similar to Tel Aviv than to Kfar Qasim or Umm el-Fahm. Of course, it is very far from being ‘the most crowded in the world.'”

Yanovsky continued: The houses are bursting with products and food from all countries in the Middle East, the latest furniture, advanced electrical appliances, and much more. There are also magnificent mansions that would put Savyon or Kfar Shmariyahu to shame. There is absolutely no shortage of wealth in Gaza. Most of the houses I stayed in were much bigger than the apartment I live in, in Tel Aviv.”

Released reservist reveals: Poverty? What life in Gaza really looks like, by Israel National News, January 15, 2024


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