A Hundred Days: The Israeli Spirit Will Prevail Once Again

By President Isaac Herzog

A hundred days have passed since life came to a standstill, the skies darkened, and we, all of us, were exposed to the boiling and shocking lava of terror and profound hatred that was poured upon us.

A hundred days of the most justifiable war, which is a test for us as a nation. A test of courage, heroism, determination, righteousness, strength, mutual responsibility, unity, and the commitment we have as a society to our core values and principles that define us as a country.

In these difficult times, we cannot help but think of the sacrifice made by our sons and daughters, in uniform and in plain clothes. Their sacrifice, their courage, their love of life, and their commitment to the ideals we hold so dear attest to the strengths that we harbor within us.

The Israeli spirit will prevail once again, by President Isaac Herzog/Israel Hayom, January 14, 2024



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