More of the Same: Israel Court Demands Destruction of Jewish Homes; Illegal Arab Construction Proliferates

More of the Same: Israel Court Demands Destruction of Jewish Homes; Illegal Arab Construction Proliferates

Netiv Ha’avot; where Jewish homes are slated
for destruction on order of the
Israeli Supreme Court
(Arutz Sheva)

Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that several homes in the Gush Etzion community of Netiv Ha’avot must be demolished, as parts of them extend onto “Palestinian” land.

As reported in Arutz Sheva:
The residents of Netiv Ha’avot reacted angrily to the court’s decision. “The Supreme Court once again chose to ignore the residents and is unwilling to examine the reality on the ground, despite the absurdity and the indignities [inflicted on the residents], and once again has decided to show that it has the upper hand and that justice was not its guiding principle. It is forcing us into an uncompromising struggle.”

The residents added: “The verdict is pure evil. The Supreme Court continues to make political [rulings] and to discriminate against the Jewish population, but when it comes to the Arabs, time after time the court rules in their favor. We stand stunned by the helplessness of the politicians and their inability to control our beloved country.”
Supreme Court: Destroy Gush Etzion homes completely

We have seen this story repeat over and over. Most recently, residents of the destroyed Jewish community of Amona were promised new homes in the yet-to-be built community of Amichai, but are still waiting, living in temporary homes.

In the meantime, the European Union continues to fund and illegally construct homes for Arabs throughout Judea and Samaria – including the E-1 area – and they have the chutzpah to demand payment from Israel when Israel demolishes them!

Illegal EU-funded Arab structure being demolished by the IDF

As is its practice, the upcoming AFSI mission will be visiting Israelis who have been expelled from their homes by the Israeli government, in addition to Jewish communities slated for destruction. These missions provide true Chizuk for these brave and proud citizens of Israel who live the truth, that Jews have the right to settle throughout the Land of Israel.

The time has come for Israel to assert sovereignty throughout Judea and Samaria – the cradle of Jewish civilization – and build, build, build.

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