Israel @ the Voting Booth

As Israelis cast their ballots at the voting booth today, a downhearted President Reuven Rivlin cast his vote in Jerusalem. Rivlin expressed “deep shame” that Israel’s politicians had forced the electorate into a third election in less than a year.

“We just don’t deserve this. We don’t deserve another awful and grubby election campaign like the one that ends today and we don’t deserve this never-ending instability,” he said. “We deserve a government that works for us.”

The inability to form a government thus far has left Israel hanging in the balance. It’s been almost one year since the first election and with a continued political stalemate the country cannot move forward. We pray the third time will be the charm. Israel’s future – its security and Sovereignty – are depending on it.

We see some cause for hope as 56.3% of eligible Israeli voters cast their ballot by 6:00pm, the highest voter turnout since 1999, and up 2.8% from September’s election. The polls are open until 10pm. Arutz Sheva is reporting low voter turnout in Blue and White strongholds – but the candidates will be out electioneering until the polls close.

Casting his ballot, Rivlin expresses ‘deep shame’ at political morass, by Amir Alon, Nina Fox. YNet News – March 2, 2020

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