Can Netanyahu Form a Government?

Americans For A Safe Israel congratulates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his election win on Monday evening.

Netanyahu immediately convened his bloc of right-wing parties on Tuesday to celebrate his victory in Monday’s election. The process of forming a new governing coalition has begun.

The MKs decided that they would continue to coordinate as one bloc under Netanyahu’s leadership in order to form a right-wing government as soon as possible. They also decided to not rule out adding other parties except the Joint List.

“The country had its say,” a Likud spokesman said. “The people want a nationalist government under Netanyahu.” 

Final election results as of today: Likud 36, Blue and White 33. Right-wing bloc receives 58 seats, left-wing bloc and Arabs a combined 55 seats after final votes counted.

Netanyahu begins effort to form new coalition, by Gil Hoffman. Jerusalem Post – March 3, 2020

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