Keeping Our Eye On The Ball

There has been so much speculation and growing anticipation these past few days: Will President Trump announce the moving of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem? Will he announce that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel? Will Bibi escort him to the Kotel? Will Trump speak at Masada? What will Trump say when he visits with Abbas? Will there be a resumption of peace talks? On and on it goes.

We should know in perhaps a week the answer to a few of the questions above, while the president is in Israel, and right after. In the meantime, the press, both in Israel and in the U.S. is having a field day bringing forth their talking heads to inform the rest of us what they believe Trump will and will not do..

However, in her latest piece, Caroline Glick rises above this speculative muck and mire, keeps her eye on the ball and sees the big picture.

In a nutshell, she posits (correctly, of course) that the notion that a PLO state will make the region more stable as far more coherent Arab states collapse, is absurd.

How today, after decades and dozens of attempts at peacemaking, with much of the Middle East on fire, with hundreds of thousands dead and millions uprooted, with Hamas and the PA still denying the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, with Hamas itching to take over Judea and Samaria, with Iran and Hezbollah gaining a foothold on the Golan, with the region in such turmoil, can anyone believe that the establishment of another failed Arab state would bring peace? To do so is to deny reality.

Read it here:


March with AFSI in the Celebrate Israel Parade!

June 4, 2017

Pre-Chizuk Mission Get Together

Judy, Charlie, May, Helen, Eva, Yifa

Prior to the start of the AFSI Chizuk Mission, Judy, Helen and Charlie enjoyed a pre-trip dinner to nail down some additional plans. They dined with May Golan, head of the Hebrew City NGO and Likud candidate in the next election. May will try to join the group at some point during the trip. They were also thrilled to introduce May to Yifa Segal, Director of the International Legal Forum who has met with great success combating BDS with her battalion of lawyers worldwide. The mission is fortunate to have Yifa as a guide in the Golan for a full day this coming Thursday. Eva Rosenstein, Israel Independence Fund Board Member, professional speech coach and friend to all, rounded out the group.

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