Keeping Our Eye On The (Nuclear) Ball

Lately, the predominant focus of many has been internal U.S. politics, specifically the ongoing and growing assault on President Trump’s legitimacy. While this continues to garner the headlines, the BIG story is at risk of getting swept under the rug.

AFSI’s Chairman, Mark Langfan, has just rolled up the rug and exposed what we need to keep our eye on: Iran.

Putin is repeating Stalin’s most catastrophic mistake

Langfan’s article in Arutz Sheva focuses on Russia and its mistaken dealings with Iran, specifically Russia providing Iran with uranium. This is in the face of Iran continuing its nuclear weapons research and missile development, accompanied by threats, hubris and bravado.

Iran’s objective is clear: hegemony throughout the Middle East, with the ability to credibly threaten Israel, Europe and the United States. In its pronouncements about the “Big Satan” and “Little Satan”, i.e., the U.S. and Israel, Iran has stated innumerable times its desire to wipe Israel off the map.

When Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman met with U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis several days ago, they agreed to cooperate in order to strengthen Israel’s security and preserve American interests in the region. During the meeting, Liberman said, “The three main problems with which we have to deal are Iran, Iran, Iran. We must build a real and effective coalition that can deal with the terrorism that Iran is spreading around the world, with its development of missiles and with its nuclear arms race.”

Liberman: The three main problems are Iran, Iran, Iran

So, while the Trump administration is at risk of getting bogged down by those who want to see it overthrown, the very real threats emanating from Iran must be kept front and center. Trump ran on a platform of undoing the terrible Iran deal made by Obama, and has appointed capable and experienced individuals who have a deep understanding of Iran, and the threats posed by its leadership to Israel and the west. LIberman’s meeting with Mattis is thus encouraging, as it indicates that Trump is staying focused on what is important to our nation and allies.

HELEN FREEDMAN, AFSI’s Co-Executive Director, speaking at two venues in Arizona this March

For those of you in Prescott, AZ, Sunday, March 5, or Scottsdale, AZ, Sunday, March 12, please visit with AFSI’s Arizona activists and meet

AFSI’s Co-Executive Director Helen Freedman from New York City. Helen will be speaking on very timely and important matters.

Sunday, March 54-6 PM – Prescott, Arizona

The current state of affairs in Israel, especially viewed from the spectrum of U.S./Israel relations under the Trump administration, will be reviewed in an open Q&A.

Hosted by Stephanie Dishal at her home in Prescott.

Location provided with RSVP: Email


Sunday, March 12, 4 PM – Scottsdale, Arizona

AFSI’s Scottsdale Chapter, under the leadership of Dr. Matthew Karlovsky, has arranged a meeting at the JCC.

The event will provide a spirited discussion about AFSI’s positions through the years on issues affecting Israel and the U.S.

A video of a recent AFSI Chizuk mission will be shown. Everyone is invited.

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