State of the Union: Rotting From The Left

Is this man sabotaging Donald Trump’s presidency?

In a vast understatement, President Trump has had his fill of challenges since he won the presidency last November, and continuing since he took office just a few weeks ago.

Every president, regardless of party, prior experience, ethnic background, religion, place of birth or color, has been afforded a learning curve by politicians of all stripes and the country’s populace, while ramping up his administration. So it should have been with Donald Trump.

Of course, this was not to be. As soon as the election results were in, members of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and leftist subversives, took out their knives, focusing on Donald Trump as their take-down target.

There was a refusal to acknowledge that the Republican candidate won the election. There was no grace period while Trump assumed office. There was no desire to heal wounds and unite around the democratically elected president of the United States and the leader of the free world.

No, the country’s mainstream media and the party out in the cold have only one goal: Take. Him. Down.

Fake news; Manufactured scandals; Charges of incompetency and mental illness; Charges of misogyny; Accusations of anti-Semitism; Attacks on his wife and children; Refusal to cooperate; Sabotaging his appointees; Provoking demonstrations and lawlessness. The list of seditious behavior goes on.

If only this was not true. If only our previous president retired quietly to his beloved golf courses and his planned multi-billion dollar library to manufacture his memoirs. If only mega-billionaires like George Soros kept themselves clean instead of dirtying themselves and the country while trying to foment revolution.

Alas and sadly, as the tide of dissension throughout our nation continues to grow (including “spontaneous” anti-Trump demonstrations), we can only conclude that the country faces a crisis perhaps unparalleled in its history. We are talking about an effort no less than an illegal attempt to overthrow our democratically elected government. And our previous president could be at the center of it.

Paul Sperry, columnist for the New York Post, writes in detail about ex-president Obama’s plans to undermine and sabotage Trump’s presidency. His revelations have been documented elsewhere, and unfortunately, are way beyond mere speculation.

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