Leave Israel’s Dimes Alone!!

New York’s state assembly is to consider legislation to stop registered charities from sending tens of millions of dollars a year to fund what they refer to as “illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.”

State assembly member Zohran Mamdani has introduced the “Not on our dime! bill. His plan would inhibit New York funding of Israeli settler violence” by prohibiting tax-deductible donations from being used to “expel Palestinians from their land and other activities widely regarded as war crimes under the Geneva conventions. This legislation makes it clear that New York will no longer effectively subsidize war crimes and the flouting of international law,” Mamdani told the Guardian.

The proposed legislation would give New York state’s attorney general the power to sue groups funding “settlements.” It would also give Palestinians harmed by “settler organizations” funded by New York-based charities the right to seek damages in American courts.

Mamdani clearly doesn’t know what is really happening in Israel and his thinking is clouded by his demonic hatred of the Jewish Nation State. Mamdani needs to pay attention to and start working on behalf of the constituents that voted for him. He needs to worry about the devastating decline of New York City, which includes his district, due to seriously misinformed and incompetent politicians like himself. He should re-direct his concerns and worry about the dimes that are needed to bring New York City back to its former safe and secure reputation. Plus, he needs to start learning the truth about Israel.

New York law aims to stop funding of illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank, by The Guardian, May 17, 2023


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