Remind Us Again…Who’s the Security Threat Here?

Beyadenu CEO Tom Nisani on Tuesday issued a call for a “mass gathering of Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount to assert Jewish sovereignty over the site and a silent protest of the policies in place enacted by police and government that restrict Jewish rights.” The group added that on Jerusalem Liberation Day, Thursday, May 18, its goal is “to reach 5,000 ascenders in one day.”

Homefront Commander Chief, Raphi Milo issued a restraining order against Nisani for one month stating sensitive information suggests Nisani “will commit acts of provocation which can endanger the security of the Temple Mount and the Old City.”

Nisani responded to the allegations and restrainig order letter: “I, who gave 10 sleepless years of my life to the 8200 unit, am endangering the state while the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are given free rein?

Beyadenu Wants 5,000 Jews on Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day – as Police/IDF Seek to Block Activist, by David Israel/Jewish Press, May 17, 2023

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