Leave No Stone Unturned

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to US President Joe Biden’s statements that a military operation in Rafah is a “red line.”

“The President and I have agreed that we have to destroy Hamas,” Netanyahu told Fox News. “We can’t leave a quarter of the Hamas terror army in place. They’re there, in Rafah. This would be equivalent to saying that after the Allies fought back, gone through Normandy, went through Germany and you’d say, ‘Well we’ll leave a quarter of the Nazi army in place and we won’t go into Berlin, the last stronghold.’”

Netanyahu also stressed that his position is not personal but supported by the vast majority of Israeli citizens. “They’re really united, like never before,” he noted. He also stated that “victory is important not only for us, it’s important for the civilized world as we’re fighting these barbarians.”

As he continues to talk from both sides of his mouth, Biden hasn’t got an ounce of legitimate credibility or assistance to offer to Israel. He has yet to take responsibility for the 5 Gazans killed from a U.S. air food drop. If he continues to cozy up to Iran and refuses to face the truth about what it takes to eliminate the enemy – and why – then he is a part of the problem. Israel must press on undeterred. Her very survival is at stake.

Netanyahu: ‘We can’t leave a quarter of the Hamas terror army in place’, by Hezki Baruch/Israel National News, March 11, 2024


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