Dermer Stresses “Historic Mistake”

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the war has been the overbearing calls for a pathway to Palestinian statehood in the aftermath of the worst terror massacre in Israel’s history.

In Part II of an exclusive interview with JNS, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs and member of a five-man war cabinet, Ron Dermer discusses plans for “the day after” the war in the Gaza Strip; the need for deradicalization of the Palestinian society; and why Palestinian statehood in the immediate aftermath of Oct. 7 would be a “historic mistake.”

A two-state solution is not, never has been, and never will be a position that Americans for a Safe Israel endorses. AFSI has argued consistently that a strong, territorially defensible Israel is essential to U.S. and global security interests in the region, and that the “two-state solution,” would endanger the world, while bringing the dissolution of Israel.

Dermer to JNS: ‘Anybody talking about Palestinian state right now is living on another planet’, by Alex Traiman/JNS, March 7, 2024


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