NO DEBATE! Jerusalem Must Remain Undivided

There are places within the Jerusalem area that the Palestinians could consider their capital, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Monday.

“I repeat and insist that Jerusalem is the unified capital of the State of Israel,” he said in an interview with 103FM Radio. “And I do not see how we can continue towards an arrangement [with the Palestinians] in the coming years, but we must begin by initiating processes to reduce the conflict and strengthen security,” he said. Gantz continued, saying it was essential to prevent a “bi-national” state, “a situation that no one wants.”

“There are villages in the east that the Palestinians call Jerusalem, and they are not in the metropolitan area of Jerusalem,” he explained, adding: “It is possible to define them as a capital.” According to Gantz, “these are matters of debate that should be discussed “in the end,” and “Jerusalem will remain unified.”

It’s disgraceful that Gantz views certain parts of Jerusalem as not worth bothering with and even sadder that he would consider any portion of Jerusalem to be open for discussion. Handing over even the tiniest part of Jerusalem to the PA will not reduce any conflict and only weaken Israel and show weakness, but encroach on her legal rights as a sovereign nation. No negotiation about any part of Jerusalem should be allowed based on what we know to be true: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel must remain whole and undivided, not divided.

Gantz cites parts of Jerusalem as ‘possible’ Palestinian capital, by i24NEWS and ILH Staff

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