Priority: Taking Back Area C

The Civil Administration together with officers of the Border Police on Monday took action by razing 11 structures that were illegally erected by Arabs in the area of the Hasmonean Palaces archaeological site in Jericho.

The construction is yet another attempt by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to establish their facts on the ground in Area C, the parts of Judea and Samaria under direct Israeli control.

As part of a tour conducted in the area by the head of the Civil Administration, Brigadier General Fars Atila, an enforcement effort in the area was agreed upon as part of a campaign for the preservation of archaeological sites and for greater security enforcement overall in Area C.

We look forward to the same and more to protect ALL of Area C and all of Judea and Samaria!!

IDF Razes 11 Illegal Arab Structures Near Jericho’s Jewish Archeological Site, by TPS / Tazpit News Agency via Jewish Press, August 23, 2022





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