One Week After the Big Announcement

Yesterday marked one week since President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. What have been the ramifications thus far of his bold move?
Israelis overwhelmingly express approval.  More than three-quarters (76%) of Israelis believe the Trump administration is solidly pro-Israel.
But as plans for new building in Jerusalem reveal, this was the general feeling since Trump’s election just over a year ago. Just one day after Trump’s announcement, plans were released showing that the Israeli government intends to build housing. “As part of the plan, being advanced by Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu), 5,000 units are planned for Atarot, north of Jerusalem and just outside Ramallah, and a further 1,000 units for the East Jerusalem Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev”. click here for the full article
After 18 years of bureaucratic red-tape, a “pearl of Samaria” is starting to take shape. The community of Bruchin laid the cornerstone to bring to fruition the building of 300 housing units along with other important commercial centers
 “Palestinian” Arabs are saying that Arab world leaders are traitors and cowards.
Hamas has been issuing threats that it will liberate all of Israel including Tel Aviv.
And disgracefully, Hamas has continued firing rockets at Sderot. AFSI longtime friend, Mayor Alon Davidi of Sderot has called for merciless strikes against this terror.
Back here at home, the State Department appears reluctant to carry out the President’s directive of last week; to begin hiring architects, engineers, etc. and plan the move of the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem. (Of course even after issuing the directive, the president did sign the waiver allowing the delay of the implementation of Congress’ 1995 decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem). Rex Tillerson has said that it will take over 3 years for the embassy move.
Additionally, although the President is solely responsible for deciding on the status of American Passports, the State Department has not adopted any new policy regarding passport issuance in response to last weeks proclamation.
“‘Mr. Satterfield paused just a bit. “The president recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel,” he dodged, showing an ever-so-slight smile. “Does that mean then that the U.S. government officially recognizes that the Jerusalem municipality lies within the state of Israel?” Mr. Lee followed up. That’s when Mr. Satterfield announced that “there has been no change in our policy with respect to consular practice or passport issuance.’”
Looks like a net positive for Israel, negative for the P.A and Hamas, and a neutral for everyone else.
The sky has certainly NOT fallen in!
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