Opportunities to Blame Israel Abound

The enemies of Israel have found new ways to gain traction for their “cause.”

Like we saw in prior months with the corona virus outbreak, blaming Israel and the Jews has surfaced during the riots in America.

A disinformation operation mimicking the Arutz Sheva website, apparently intended to portray Israel interfering in global affairs, has again posted a false article. This one claims Israel is dispatching a 50-member Israeli security team to the United States “to support American forces to control George Floyd protests.”

Anti-Israel activists increasingly seek to blame the Jewish state for US police brutality. Steven L. Pomerantz, the architect of one of the most successful exchange programs between American and Israeli law enforcement personnel said that such charges were untrue and anti-Semitic.

Pomerantz sees the attacks on exchange programs as an “opportunistic” move on the part of “individuals and organizations hostile to Israel and involved in the larger BDS movement.”

#NoToBDS #NoToAntiSemitism

More disinformation: Arutz Sheva impostor seeks to portray Israel as interfering in global affairs, by Mordechai Sones. Arutz Sheva – June 11, 2020

Accusations That Israel to Blame for US Police Brutality Are Untrue and Antisemitic, Expert Says, by Benjamin Kerstein. Algemeiner – June 10, 2020

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