PA Hatred of Israel Going Out of Style

Palestinian leadership has been working overtime recently – holding meetings with foreign ambassadors and diplomats and providing statements and interviews to Palestinian and foreign media outlets.

At the height of this on Monday, Palestinian factions organized a demonstration in Manara Square in Ramallah against Israel’s plans to (“annex”) apply Israeli civil law to its lawful land. Reality may be settling in. Barely 200 people showed up.

Stated one photographer at the scene, “There isn’t even one picture to take.” The truth is that the Arabs in Judea and Samaria “would prefer Israeli rule to PA rule.”

Never ending hatred of Israel and the decades long attempts to delegitimize the Jewish Nation State are now taking a toll on the very people the PA is supposed to work in the best interests of. “The crisis of confidence between the leadership and the public has deepened so much that the public can no longer back its leadership. The masses will not take to the streets over annexation, but would over the economic crisis.”

#PACrisisOfConfidence #FailedPALeaders #PAStrugglesToRallySupport

Palestinian Leadership Struggling to Rally Public Against Israeli Annexation, by Jack Khoury. Haaretz – June 11, 2020

What do Palestinian Arabs really think of Israeli sovereignty?, by Rafael Levi. Arutz Sheva – June 11, 2020

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