Re-Settling Gaza is the Only Formula for Real Victory

Daniela Weiss, chairwoman of the Nachala movement, spoke with Arutz Sheva – Israel National News about the special lobby to resettle Gaza in the Knesset. To date, six organized communities are ready to take up immediate residence in the Gaza Strip.

“We want to return to all of Gaza, right away,” she declared. “When we heard about this desire, I mobilized my fifty-year experience and tried to see the practical ways for fulfilling the bigger vision of resettling the Gaza Strip. Everybody knows that the army alone cannot hold the area – only the army and the settlers together bring true Zionism and true victory.”

Weiss believes that despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated declarations stating that Israel won’t permanently occupy Gaza, she has “seen hints from Netanyahu that he will let us go into Gaza. He is a great Zionist, and knows that if he wants victory, this is the only way.”

Daniela Weiss: ‘The only path to victory is to resettle Gaza’, by Israel National News/June 19, 2024


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