Sovereignty Must Not Be Threatened

An Arutz Sheva report revealed that the New Israel Fund (NIF) is appealing to supporters to support US Senate legislation against the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Shair Glick, CEO of the Jewish human rights organization, B’tzalmo, said that the NIF’s appeal “crosses a red line. The NIF always prides itself on being an Israeli organization operating inside Israel, but it now turns out that it is employing outsiders to exert external pressure against Israel.”

“I call upon the government of Israel to declare the severing of any contact with this organization, which is a foreign corporation operating against the interests of citizens and the State of Israel,” Glick added.

AFSI applauds the action of B’tzalmo and urges the Israeli government to cut all ties with the NIF and other left-wing NGO’s that seek to harm Israel now.

The IDF Should Cut Contact with B’Tselem ~Gilad Zwick

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