THE CRISIS IN SYRIA Israelis: “Assad is the Angel of Death, and the World Would be Better Without Him” — US Joint Chiefs of Staff to Present Options to President Trump

Israel’s Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Sunday that the United States must attack the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria in response to the regime’s chemical gas strike on the Syrian town Douma that killed some 200 people with at least 1,000 affected.

“The shocking attack shows the incredible hypocrisy of the international community focusing on Israel confronting the terrorist organization Hamas that is sending civilians to our fence, when dozens are being killed in Syria every day,”Erdan told Army Radio. “It shows the need for strengthening the presence of Americans and other international forces, because without them the genocide we are seeing will only intensify.”

President Trump castigated the Syrian government and President Assad, calling the chemical weapon attack “sick”, and warning that the “Animal Assad” would have a “big price to pay” for the use of sarin nerve gas.

A report in The Jewish Press indicates that the United States Joint Chiefs appear to be preparing for air strikes at Syria. A list of options and targets will be presented to the president and his national security team.

Read more HERE in a World Israel News report.

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