The One Thing That Will Move Israel Forward

The outgoing government undermined Israel’s national security, economy, social fabric, international relations and standing worldwide. In light of this, the ever astute Caroline Glick, in her recent article, discusses the job that lies ahead for Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s new government will face multiple crises from its first moments in office. Consider just two: The rapidly escalating Palestinian Arab terror campaign and concurrent strategic land grab in Judea and Samaria, and the steadily escalating lawlessness and irredentist violence of Israeli Arabs.

Israel’s radical legal system, from the Attorney General to the state prosecution to the Supreme Court, has systematically undermined the IDF’s ability to seize the initiative in the fight against Palestinian terrorists. They have interfered on everything ranging from the rules of engagement to battlefield tactics. The courts’ decisions have nothing to do with the law. They are predicated on the political and ideological convictions of unelected judges.

Voters gave Netanyahu and the right the largest mandate the nationalist camp has received in two decades. They expect the incoming government to clean up the mess that Lapid and his colleagues are leaving behind, and to push Israel forward. The only way for Netanyahu and his partners to meet these expectations is by making far-reaching reforms to the legal system.

Legal reform, now, by Caroline Glick/Israel National News, November 7, 2022



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